Feature of VOU

Venkateshwara Open University (VOU) is a Dual mode of university envisaged its distinguished features as:

  1. Regular Open and Flexible system accessible to all
  2. Self learning materials (SLM)
  3. Independent Learning Environment for the students
  4. Country-wide student support services
  5. Equal opportunity of education regardless of socioeconomic status
  6. Professional, Vocational, Productive Academic programs for the flexible social and local relevance.
  7. Cost-Effective learning programs
  8. Networked world-wide.
  9. Use of latest tools and techniques of Information, Communication Technologies and E-Learning
  10. Dynamic web-portal
  11. Students Learning Management System
  12. On-line facilities, on-line admission and online on-demand admission National and International Resources Center of Regular learning to provide seamless, affordable and meaningful quality education