Pro Vice-Chancellor

Powers and responsibilities of the Pro Vice-Chancellor:
  1. The Pro Vice-Chancellor would have a Management role following upon various areas of the University such as:
    • a. teaching and learning, 
    • b. research, student’s affairs, 
    • c. resource development, 
    • d. market development, 
    • e. networking with industry and 
    • f. introduction and development of new courses;
  2. The Pro Vice-Chancellor shall assist the Vice-Chancellor 
    • a. in respect of such matters as may be specified by the Vice-Chancellor from time to time and 
    • b. shall also exercise such powers and perform such functions as may be delegated to him by the Vice-Chancellor;
  3. In the absence of the Vice-Chancellor the Pro Vice-Chancellor shall execute the duties and powers of the Vice-Chancellor.
  4. Doctorate with 15 years experience in academic administration and teaching.
  5. As per UGC guidelines

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