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From the Desk of Vice Chancellor


Our mission, Higher Education for all, without wall, reach to unreached to and flexible which emphasizes engagement with industry and the community has two parts. The first is to empower students from diverse countries, cultures, socio-economic and education background to be confident, creative, ethical and respectful citizens.

The second is to find creative and evidence-based solution to important contemporary challenges in India, Asia and globally relating especially to:

  • » Education and lifelong learning
  • » Health and active living;
  • » The cultural diversity and well- being of communities;
  • » Economic development and environment sustainability and
  • » The success of particular industries and place, especially our heartland of the North-East of India faster growing region.

The VOU uses a variety of methods for Regular, Open and Distance learning, including written and Audio materials, the Internet, disc-based software and television programmes on DVD. Courses-based Television Broadcasts, Radio, Web-Conferencing, E-Learning Print and Non-Print Materials are composed of originally authored work by in-house and external academic contributors for vital support of VOU students.

The Open University connecting through place, people and partnership to deliver a vibrant knowledge community.

Prof. Lalit Kumar Sagar

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