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The growing internationalisation of higher education especially professional courses and institutions, increasing international cooperation and the emergence of new transnational education providers are posing a challenge to higher education systems of the country. The new knowledge- based society demands professionals who are flexible and versatile. They need to learn continuously and upgrade their skills as the technology advances. This has made distance education more vibrant and rewarding experience. VOU has been contributing to this educational revolution in its own way. The university strives to create all round leaders in various fields of expertise by helping its students acquire necessary skills.

In an effort to reach out to all students who cannot for any reason make to the regular classes, VOU is the best choice for distance learning offers distance education programmes. Consonant with our mission of encouraging sustained professional enrichment in an academic environment , these programmes provide professional education in a flexible academic package. Adding synergy to these programmes are the specially prepared study materials, interactive lectures by VOU expert faculty and scholarly video recorded lectures.

Today education is not a static regimented process confined to the formative years of childhood or adolescence, but it is a dynamic and continuous on going process that extends throughout the professional careers . In this ever- changing worldwide phenomenon, the distance learning education mode is a potent flexible educational format that offers multiple benefits of flexibility, professional recognition and academic enhancement to the student .

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